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RCAF 552 flying against a clear sky

Honoring our Past: Remembrance Day

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On this day, we reflect and honor those who have served and continue to serve our military forces. SKYTRAC Systems is grateful for all of those who have provided us with the freedoms and opportunities that we share. We owe tremendous gratitude to those who have served for us and continue to dedicate their lives to allow for our freedoms. As we pause and salute those who have courageously contributed strength and leadership for our nation, we promise not to forget you and the extraordinary sacrifices you and your families have made.

We take pride in serving our militaries with leading aviation technologies for enhanced safety and increased capabilities. This Remembrance Day, we’re thinking of all those that came before us as we continue to build upon our strong legacy as Canadians.

To our military personnel, veterans and their families, thank you for your sacrifices. We look forward to the safe return of those who continue to serve in honorable duty. While we take time to appreciate and acknowledge the obligation that you have made for us, we wish that your day be filled with peace and gratitude. You are our gallant heroes.

All the best,


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