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SKYTRAC Products & Services 

Aircraft Satcom FAQ 

The SDL-350 comes equipped with both wireless and wired options for data downloads and firmware upgrades.
The SDL-350 is capable of streaming live video feeds including EO/IR imaging
The SDL-350 has a total weight of 6.0 lbs. (2.72 kg)
Yes, the SDL-350 has built in wireless and wired options for data downloads along with wireless communication and firmware upgrades

Flight Following FAQ

Privacy protocols are govenered by a Program administrator. Separate user profiles can be setup with custom view settings.

Position reporting data can be forwarded to separate operations with a simple request to our tech team.

When the estimated time of aircraft arrival set by the user in SKYWEB is reached, if the aircraft has not arrived, then users can be notified by email.

Geofences support creating custom “no-fly zones” so that flight followers can be alerted in the event an aircraft enters a no-fly zone.

Electronic Flight Bag FAQ

Yes, we work with customers to build applications specific to their operational requirements.

Yes, we can provide and support integration for other applications and also recommend this to provide operational benefits. Data can be consumed in a variety of formats.

We do a data review of your existing forms and processes with your team to customize a form application best suited for your operation.

Medical Data Transfer FAQ

Yes. We have been successfully tested and transmitted dynamic and static medical data with compatible medical devices over cellular and satellite.

We work with the operator to support compliance requirements, such as HL7 compliance. Patient records can use unique identifiers to identify and transmit data to match compliance requirements.

Our connectivity via cellular is relative to the region flown and cell tower signal strength.

An operation benefits from testing medical devices with the recommended SKYTRAC hardware by SKYTRAC support. The hardware recommendation is dependant on the size of files being transmitted and the operational requirements for viewing and transmitting data, SKYTRAC has multiple methods of offloading data in-flight.

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