Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS) Communications

Fly your UAV farther with SKYTRAC BVLOS Communications powered by Iridium Certus. 


Global Visibility for your Unmanned Flight Operations

Gain global visibility everywhere on the planet with SKYTRAC’s BVLOS Communications capability, powered by Iridium Certus. Leverage Low Earth Orbit (LEO) L-band frequency for global operations uninhibited by terrerstrial infrastructure and adverse weather conditions. 

Unmanned military drone patrols the territory at sunset, flying above water surface. The view is straight ahead


Truly Global Connectivity

SKYTRAC’s Satcom terminals leverage Iridium Certus, the world’s only truly pole-to-pole Satcom network for global flight operations.

Unimpaired by Obstacles

Create line-of-sight from remote operations centers to UAVs operating anywhere in the world, unimpaired by obstacles. 

Unaffected by Weather

SKYTRAC’s BVLOS communications capability leverages Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satcom connectivity unaffected by terrestrial weather conditions.

Real-Time Responsivity

Experience the difference between legacy GEO Satcom networks and the recently refereshed Iridium NEXT LEO network with >2ms latency.

Multiple Hardware Solutions

SKYTRAC offers mutliple hardware options for custom size, weight, power, and interface requirements including the IMS-350 and DLS-100. 

Multiple Service Solutions

Leverage both broadband and midband L-band satellite connectivity, ensuring cost-effective usage for operational efficiency.


Various hardware and service options available. For accurate pricing, contact a technical sales expert.

BVLOS Communications Demo

Access a demo of SKYTRAC BVLOS Communications capability with one of our experienced flight data program managers. See how your organization can benefit from global UAV/UAM flight operations.

Broadband and Midband BVLOS Connectivity

Built for UAV/UAM operators and OEMs in mind, SKYTRAC offers both broadband and midband bandwidth throughput for operationally efficient satellite communications. 

Get started now

Leverage the lightest and most compact satellite communications system available to the market with SKYTRAC’s IMS-350 and DLS-100 unmanned terminals. 


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