SDL-350™ Broadband Aircraft Satcom & Onboard Server

Experience up to 704 Kbps of globally-available Satcom connectivity with SKYTRAC’s SDL-350™ and Iridium Certus.


Broadband L-Band Iridium Certus Satellite Data Unit with Onboard Server and Data Acquisition

Our flagship satellite transceiver and on-board server harnesses the world’s only true pole-to-pole satellite network, allowing operators 99.9% global uptime. This reliability allows mission-critical operations in EMS, SAR, offshore oil and gas, business aviation, scientific exploration, military, and scheduled airline industries to perform when the mission gets tough.


Truly Global Coverage with 99.9% Uptime Reliability

As an aviation partner to Iridium, SKYTRAC provides true global coverage, including in polar regions through the Iridium satellite network. With uptime reliability of 99.9%, your teams are always connected and in control.

Iridium Certus Broadband Connectivity with Push-to-Talk

Experience up to 704 Kbps of broadband Satcom connectivity through Iridium Certus. The multi-modem SDL-350™ also features Satcom Push-to-Talk capabilities for increased functionality for all segments of aviation.


Multiple Interfaces for Analog and Digital Compatability

The SDL-350™ features multiple flexible analog and digital inputs supporting ARINC-429/717, Discrete Input/Output Signals, RS-232485, and Audio Channels for advanced compatibility for all operational profiles.

Future-Proof Cockpit Operations

The SDL-350™ offers numerous cockpit operation applications including aircraft tracking and monitoring, real-time alerting, electronic flight bag automation, embedded Wi-Fi, intelligence reconnaissance, live video streaming, and more.

Advanced Safety Services Capabilities

The SDL-350™ features Safety Services capabilities for advanced functionality such as ACARS, Black Box Streaming, FANS 1/A (CPDLC), and Satcom Voice (SATVOICE) services, and more. 


Solutions for All Segments of Aviation

Experience truly global Satcom
connectivity on fixed-wing, rotorcraft, and unmanned aviation in aerial firefighting, air transport, business aviation, emergency medical services (EMS), military & government, search & rescue (SAR), and more.


Various hardware and service options available. For accurate pricing, contact a technical sales expert.

Configure your SDL-350™

The multifunctional SDL-350™ features numerous configuration options. Contact a technical sales expert for STC-availabilty, advanced integration capabilities, and more.


Iridium Certus Service Plans

SKYTRAC is a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) to Iridium, and offers broadband satcom connectivity plans specific to your organization’s needs. Contact us for pricing details.


Antennas & Accessories

Cuztomize your SDL-350™ with optional antennas and accessories. Leverage HGA, LGA, and GPS antennas, optional controller interfaces, and more.

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Experience true broadband connectivity with SKYTRAC and Iridium Certus. Enable data rates of up to 704 Kbps and extensive capabilities with the flagship SDL-350™.


Phased Array, Hight Gain Antenna (HGA)

Phased Array, High-Gain Antenna (HGA)
Date Rates:
352/704 Kbps
Single Coax (<10 meters)
5.00” x 2.20” x 0.72”
(19.94cm x 7.62cm x 4.95cm)
1.36kg (3.00 lbs.)

Active Low Gain Antenna (A-LGA)

Active LGA Active Low Gain Antenna
Date Rates:
176 Kbps
Single Coax (<2 meters)
9.10” x 4.34” x 2.25”
(23.10cm x 11.02cm x 5.72cm)
1.36 kg (3.00 lbs.)

Passive Low Gain Antenna (P-LGA)

Passive LGA Iridium Certus Puck Antenna
Date Rates
176 Kbps
Single Coax (<2 meters)
3.5” diameter (8.89cm)
141g (5oz.)

Dual Element Iridium Certus/GPS Antenna

Passive LGA Dual Element Iridium Certus/GPS Antenna
Date Rates:
2.4 Kbps for GPS, PTT, SBD
Single Coax (<2 meters)
5.00” x 2.20” x 0.72”
(19.94cm x 7.62cm x 4.95cm)
240 g (8.5 oz.)


Multi-Touch Controller

The MTC-100 is a lightweight, ultra-slim high resolution touchscreen interface for streamlined one-touch group calling.

SKYTRAC’s MTC-100 is a cockpit/cabin interface for air and ground crews. The system includes customizable screens for mission-critical applications and NVIS compliance.

Inflight Cameras

SKYTRAC's lightweight, internally mounted audio/image recorder called the CRU-200.

Discreetly record hours of high-resolution cockpit audio-visuals to enhance your flight data monitoring program. Pair with multiple lenses in any combination.

External Cellular And Wi-Fi Antenna

SKYTRAC's external cellular and Wi-Fi aircraft antenna.

The optional small footprint external cellular/Wi-Fi antenna provides in-flight cellular connectivity and post-flight Wi-Fi/Cellular downloading capability.

Internal Wi-Fi Hotspot Antenna

SKYTRAC's internal Wi-Fi hotspot antenna for internal aircraft connectivity.

The internal Wi-Fi hotspot antenna, designed for the cockpit or cabin, connects onboard devices wirelessly to the SDL-350™ for broadband data connectivity. 


The SDL-350 comes equipped with both wireless and wired options for data downloads and firmware upgrades.

The SDL-350™ is capable of streaming live video feeds including EO/IR imaging

The SDL-350™ has a total weight of 6.0 lbs. (2.72 kg)

Yes, the SDL-350™ has built in wireless and wired options for data downloads along with wireless communication and firmware upgrades

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