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Browse through the list below to find quick answers to our most common questions.


What kind of installation support do you offer?

SKYTRAC aims to get you up and running quickly and easily. Our installation services are customizable and may include an assessment of your existing hardware, installation of our product line if and where required, as well as logistics planning and full functional testing by SKYTRAC product experts. Having our trained experts on-site will ensure that all components are operating at optimum performance, and that you experience minimal fleet downtime.

I have a complex list of event sets that I want to track and manage. Will your solutions work?

Whether you are looking to track simple 2D metrics or a complex matrix of parameters, there is almost no limit to the types of events that we can calculate. If your aircraft has a sensor in place to detect a parameter, our expertise is in capturing the data, developing the algorithms and returning back human-readable reports and alerts.

Are real-time communications automatically or manually triggered?

We offer solutions for both. Our INFLIGHT systems offer automated alerts that are triggered based on any number of parameters. Like event sets and reporting, the capabilities are endless – restricted only by the sensor capabilities of your aircraft. Real time alerts are sent to our SkyWeb interface, to a mobile app, or via SMS or text. The choice is yours. We also offer a selection of cockpit voice and text systems that allow for manual air-to-ground communication.

My fleet uses older analogue technology, but I’m interested in your tools. Can I integrate with your systems?

Yes, one of SKYTRAC’s strengths is in working with older aircraft. We’re diligent about reviewing the capabilities of your systems and calibrating your data so you achieve reliable results that reflect the maximum potential of your existing hardware.

I want to integrate with a specific 3rd party software system. Is this possible?

We have flexible APIs that will allow you to connect with many external systems. Send us a note to tell us more about your requirements.


Where do I log in to SkyWeb?

Look up to the top navigation bar – and to the left. On customer request, we’ve made it easier to log into SkyWeb by placing a quick-link on all pages of our main site.

I’m in SkyWeb, but I can’t access some tools. The buttons are greyed out!

Weather, FDM tools and various other advanced reports are value added services. Get in touch with your SKYTRAC Program Manager to have these features added to your account. If you think your organization already has a feature, your username may have restricted access permissions – check with your system administrator or contact our support team for help.

Can you provide systems training for my team?

Yes, we provide on-site or web-based training for OCCs, dispatch, and flight following operations. We also offer hardware training and 3rd party integration training if desired. Connect with us to discuss your needs.

Something’s wrong with Flight Following!

It’s probably a simple setting issue. Here are our top four issues answered:

  1. If resources are unexpectedly missing, set the “Aircraft > Show” to “All”. If you fly infrequently, you may also need to switch to “Historical” reporting to capture data on all aircraft in your fleet.
  2. If the screen zooms in on one resource (or aircraft), right click on the resource and uncheck “Follow Me”.
  3. If the report frequency and Hardware Management settings are mismatched, look for the “Query Unit” button. Click to synchronize with your hardware and then re-set the Hardware Management interval setting.
  4. If your aircraft log only shows intermittently, unfortunately, this is probably not a setting issue. Your GPS antenna cable is possibly damaged or the connectors are loose.


I have a SKYTRAC ISAT-200R model transceiver and need to upgrade/switch out systems. How easy is this?

SKYTRAC has designed the ISAT-200A as a leading-edge product and with this in mind we have made it possible for existing clients to switch out hardware with minimal effort. The ISAT iTray holds all hardware configurations and will update any ISAT 200 model that it is paired with. Note however that the satellite phone number is fixed within the ISAT so you will need to update your records in that respect. This number is available in SkyWeb’s Hardware Management tool (Step 2).

Tell me about your Warranty

Our standard warranty is 1 year from the original ship date of the equipment. Contact Client Services prior to sending the equipment in as we can often troubleshoot issues remotely. If a unit is to be returned to STS for diagnostics, a standard Return Materials Authorization (RMA) form must be completed prior to the unit being shipped in.

I’m having trouble with installation or troubleshooting

We offer extensive documentation in our logged in customer area. This is the best location to access the latest manuals and procedural updates. Register for an account if you do not already have access permissions to this area. Still can’t find the answer you need? Contact our support team for assistance.


1 844-643-6033

North America Toll Free

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