Real-Time Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS) Alerting

Enable Real-Time HUMS alerting for early warning notifications when in-flight exceedances are detected.


Exceedance Detection, Alerting, and Automated Data Offloading

Optimize operational efficiencies with advanced notifications of in-flight exceedances. Monitor HUMS parameters in real-time and alert ground crews automatically when helicopter exceedances are detected. Wirelessly transfer RT-HUMS files post-flight to ground stations through Wi-Fi or cellular networks, resulting in efficiency gains.


Real-Time Exceedance Detection and Alerting

Acquire and monitor HUMS parameters in real-time using SKYTRAC satcom terminals. Automatically alert operators and ground crew when threshold exceedances are detected, in-flight.

Automated Post-Flight Data Downloading

Enable faster and safer data transfer to Heliwise databases with <7 minute downloads through Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity. Eliminate costly errors such as overwriting of data while reducing technician manhours.

Automated and Robust In-Flight Alerts

Send automated alerts to the ground by way of the Iridium satellite network, which includes critical details such as exceedance type, location, time, and severity of the detected exceedance.

Leverage Multiple Pipelines for Offloading Data

Send data through Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satcom, cellular, or Wi-Fi connectivity, depending on your operational needs, while reducing errors and manhours.

Reduce Aircraft-on-Ground (AOG) Times

Plan for parts and repairs ahead of time to reduce costly and unncessary turn around and unscheduled maintenance downtimes, while improving the safety of the flight. 

Increase Revenue Hours and Aircraft Availability

Avoid stalling operations indefinitely due to unscheduled maintenance. Begin scheduling a replacement aircraft when exceedances are first detected to maintain revenue hours.


Various hardware and service options available. For accurate pricing, contact a technical sales expert.

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