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Increase operational efficiencies and gain valuable capabilities for your business aviation operations. Provide broadband cabin connectivity for your VIP passengers, enable Safety Services, and more.

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broadband Satcom with 99.9% uptime reliability from the aircraft.
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broadband Satcom with 99.9% uptime reliability to the aircraft.
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users around the world on over 900 different airframes.

Industry Background

SKYTRAC’s flagship SDL-350 (Broadband) Satcom terminal is set to be the first Iridium Certus product for the aviation segment. These technologies offer a gateway for business aviation operators to access reliable and robust capabilities via the Iridium NEXT satellite constellation at a lower overall cost to competitor Satcom systems and services.

The Industry Leader in Safety Services

SKYTRAC provides business jet operators across the world with truly global broadband satellite connectivity for VIP passengers with 99.9% uptime reliability and no black-out zones. We provide Iridium Satcom systems for Data and Voice enhancing your safety services and enabling FANS, CPDLC, ACARS, ADS-C and more. Connect with a SKYTRAC technical expert to see how you can leverage modern avionics for your business aviation fleet.

Automated Aircraft Tracking and Fleet Management

From pole-to-pole, SKYTRAC automated flight following allows dispatch teams and other ground crew to chart real-time flight paths for an unlimited number of aircraft. Our leading SkyWeb flight following software is a mature system in its fourth generation and is trusted by over 7,500 users around the globe. Overlay Weather, add ETA notifications, set overdue notifications and more.

Business Women in Private Jet Using a Tablet That is Connected to Broadband Internet Using SKYTRAC Satcom Services

Satellite Voice, Data, and Text Communications

Enhance safety services. Streamline your flight operations through FANS compliance. Enable single-channel data link and ACARS on your aircraft and enable Satcom Voice communications.

EFB Process Automation

SKYTRAC broadband connectivity services complement your electronic flight, crew and Tech logs to simplify your reporting processes. Collect aircraft data and make the data available to EFB applications via API. Add cloud applications to the SDL-350 dockerstations to further streamline cockpit efficiency.


SAFR Flight Data and Engine Trend Monitoring (FDM/FOQA/ETM)

SKYTRAC provides UK Cap 739 and FAA FOQA compliant Flight Data Monitoring packages to help operators meet regional FDM requirements. SKYTRAC FDM combines real-time analytics and alerts with robust historical reports, animation services, and more.


Custom Solutions

Various hardware and service options available. For accurate pricing, contact a technical sales expert at

Satcom Systems

Our flagship Iridium-based satellite transceivers offer the world’s only true pole-to-pole satellite network, allowing rich capabilities with 99.9% uptime.

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Capabilities and Services

Enable capabilites critical to your flight operations with SKYTRAC. Over 7,500 users across the world trust our solutions. 

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Antennas & Accessories

Enhance your mission-critical capabilites with SKYTRAC’s leading suite of antennas as well as system-enhancing accessories. 

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