Medical Data Transfer and Telemedicine

Pave the way for revolutionary new capabilities with cellular and Satcom Medical Data Transfer and telemedicine applications.


In-flight Medical Data Transfer and Telemedicine Applications

Send critical patient data in-flight such as HL7-compliant patient care reports through cellular or Satcom connectivity. Leverage SKYTRAC terminals to connect seamlessly to on-board medical equipment via Wi-Fi to facilitate data transfer and real-time telemedicine.

Play Video about STARS EMS helicopter pilot approaching airbus helicopter equipped with SKYTRAC technologies.


Cellular and Satcom Medical Data Transfer

Leverage cost-effective SKYTRAC cellular and Satcom connectivity to seamlessly connect onboard medical equipment to send monitored data.

Uninterrupted Connectivity with Low Earth Orbit Satcom

Ensure connectivity even during natural disasters and severe weather events with 99.9% reliability, no matter where your missions take you.

Tamper-Proof with Cybersecurity in Mind

Leverage 256-bit encryption and cybersecurity, ensuring patient data is transferred in a discreet and compliant manner.

Telemedicine Application Capabilities

In critical situations every second is crucial. Achieve real-time telemedicine from specialist command physicians while still airborne.

Multiple Pipelines for Offloading Critical Data

Enable medical data transfer while inflight through multiple options. Utilize Wi-Fi connectivity, cellular data networks, and Iridium satellite connectivity.

Meet HL7 & DICOM for Industry Compliance

Send patient data that meets the standard for sharing and retrieval of electronic health information including medical imaging as stated by HL7 and DICOM standards.


Various hardware and service options available. For accurate pricing, contact a technical sales expert.

Medical Data Transfer Demo

Access a SKYTRAC technical expert to see how your organization may benefit from cellular and Satcom medical data transfer or real-time telemedicine applications. 

Multiple STCs Available

SKYTRAC is the leading provider for EMS Satcom capabilities. Our solutions are supported on over 900 fixed-wing and rotary-wing airframes. 

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Medical Data Transfer FAQ

Yes. We have been successfully tested and transmitted dynamic and static medical data with compatible medical devices over cellular and satellite.

We work with the operator to support compliance requirements, such as HL7 compliance. Patient records can use unique identifiers to identify and transmit data to match compliance requirements.

Our connectivity via cellular is relative to the region flown and cell tower signal strength.

SKYTRAC has multiple connectivity options for Medical Data Transfer and Telemedicine applications. Connect with a technical expert to discuss which system is best for your fleet.

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