Electronic Flight Bag Automation

Automate essential reporting processes in-the-air and on-the-ground.


Digitize Reporting, Speed Up Processing & Improve Accuracy

Digitize your paper-based reporting processes, speed processing times and improve data accuracy with SKYTRAC SkyForms – the only Electronic Flight Bag solution that autopopulates your existing document management systems with objective data from your aircraft.

SKYFORMS Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Solutions from SKYTRAC Displayed on Two Tablets.


Fully Customizable for your Flight Operations

Customize and digitize your airlines flight reports, journey logs and other documentation for paperless cockpit operations.

Log and Autopopulate Key Flight Data

Log and autopopulate objective aircraft data such as fuel burn rates, takeoff, landing, and engine times and transmit information back to HQ.

Multiple Connectivity Options Including Cellular and Satcom

Leverage multiple connectivity options including roaming-free cellular, globally available Satcom, and ground-based Wi-Fi.

Captures Accurate Sensor Readings & Exceedances

SKYTRAC Satcom terminals feature robust data acquisition capabilities for digital and analog interfaces for the autopopulation of engine data.

Automated Digitally Signing and Submission Over API

Digitally sign reports and logs and remotely transmit information back to headquarters.

Aircraft Interface Device (AID) Options

Aircraft Interface Device (AID) options by making logged data available to third party EFB applications.


Various hardware and service options available. For accurate pricing, contact a technical sales expert.

SkyForms EFB Demo

Access a live EFB automation demo from one of our experienced program managers. See how your organization can benefit from automated, paperless cockpits with SkyForms.


Simplify the reporting process for all stakeholders and improve the timeliness and accuracy of team communications with SKYTRAC’s Electronic Flight Bag solution.

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Simplify the reporting process for all stakeholders and improve the timeliness and accuracy of team communication with SKYTRAC’s Electronic Flight Bag solutions.


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EFB Solutions 

Yes, we work with customers to build applications specific to their operational requirements.

Yes, we can provide and support integration for other applications and also recommend this to provide operational benefits. Data can be consumed in a variety of formats.

We do a data review of your existing forms and processes with your team to customize a form application best suited for your operation.