Voice, Text & Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Connect air and ground assets with satellite voice and text, globally, under all conditions.


Iridium Voice and Text Communications

Gain crystal clear sounds with less than 2 seconds of latency with Iridium’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network. Enable global group communications at the push of a button without the reliance of land-based radio towers. SKYTRAC supplies scalable solutions to meet all of your voice and text communication requirements.

SKYTRAC Voice Text & Push to Talk Hardware Solutions


Crystal Clear & Secure Communications

Experience crystal-clear sound and minimal lag from pole-to-pole securely with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption.

Simple & User-Friendly Controls for Ease of Use

Quick message and speed dial capabilities with cockpit display panel and dispatch voice interface enables seamless, easy-to-use functionality.

Multi-Device Compatible & NVIS Optimized

Call and message in-air using a mobile phone or tablet and support night-time operations with NVIS optimized equipment.

Seamlessly Connect an Unlimited Number of Callers

Talk-groups are fully configurable for a large number of users over wide geographic regions, enabling simple, effective mission-specific communication.

True, Pole-to-Pole Coverage with 99.9% Reliability

Ensure seamless connectivity, even in polar regions. SKYTRAC voice, text, and PTT communications are immune to natural disasters, ensuring reliabe connectivity when needed most.

Fast Speeds with Netted Iridium Technology

Operators can achieve less than two-second Push-to-Talk capability and eliminate the need for relying on land-based radio towers using SKYTRAC’s Satcom terminals. 


Various hardware and service options available. For accurate pricing, contact a technical sales expert.

Push-to-Talk Demo

Access a live Push-to-Talk demo with one of our experienced program managers. See how your organization can benefit from the various features and learn the ins and outs of how Satcom PTT can be utilized in your industry.

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Voice, Text, and PTT Communications

SKYTRAC’s Iridium Push-to-Talk solution combines fast, simple, and secure group communications with the power of trusted voice-talk hardware. Push-to-Talk is ideal for EMS, SAR, Military, Humanitarian, and Oil and Gas operators. 

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Voice, Text & Push-to-Talk FAQ

Yes, you can preprogram customized text messages to be sent based on requirements.

Yes, you can preprogram up to 10 custom numbers. This can also be changed at any time.

As many as you would like. One of the benefits of Push To Talk is the ability to add ground and air operations and customize the users within the talk group?

Push-to-Talk is Iridium satellite-based, there are no limitations on coverage. The usage is based upon the size of the region allocated during setup.

It is important to consider the nature of your operation, the number of aircraft, and the regions you will be flying. More than one talk group can be set up.