Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Sensor Fusion

Seamlessly fuse, process, and analyze camera and sensor data globally, with minimal latency. 


Real-Time Onboard AI Processing of Video and Image Data

Collect onboard data from aircraft sensors to fuse data through SKYTRAC Satcom terminals for viewing all mission data in one common operating picture,


Onboard Processing of Data using AI and Sensor Fusion

SKYTRAC’s all-in-one Satcom solutions enable leading capabilities without the need for additional hardware onboard aircraft.

Rich, Geotagged Data Collection

Automatically tag captured image and video files with integrated GPS metadata, making reviewing surveillance footage a breeze.

Multiple Sensor Inputs and Interfaces

Integrate multiple sensors and cameras including video feeds, electro-optical and infrared sensors, LiDAR, and more.

Upload Synthetic Images to Train AI

Generate and utilize synthetic images to train onboard AI for increased detection accuracy without the need for constant monitoring.

Automated Post-Mission Analysis

Receive automated alerts and insights when cameras detect pertinent images and objects, saving data analysts time. 

Truly Global, Pole-to-Pole Satcom Connectivity

Leverage pole-to-pole Satellite Connectivity with up to 704 Kbps of bandwidth with SKYTRAC’s leading Iridium Certus terminals.


Various hardware and service options available. For accurate pricing, contact a technical sales expert.

Endless Applications

Utilize SKYTRAC Iridium Certus connectivity for rich, real-time video that can be downlinked to fleets and command stations.

Integrate Multiple Feeds

Process electro-optical (EO), infrared (IR), ultraviolet (UV), and side-looking airborne radar (SLAR) to provide integrated live tracking and alerting.

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