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Staff feature Alicia Brown, woman in aviation

Celebrating Women of Aviation Week with Alicia Brown

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Women of Aviation Week is about celebrating women’s accomplishments in aviation and inspiring others to construct the industry’s future. As we highlight the women that are our aerospace leaders, SKYTRAC is proud to encourage more women to join the industry.

Women deliver energy to the industry that facilitates equality and innovation, and SKYTRAC is honored to provide an environment that encourages women to become industry leaders. Because of this, we would like to highlight the talented faces behind our team.

How long have you been working for SKYTRAC? 

I have been working with SKYTRAC for two years.

What brought you to work in aviation? 

Aviation is a unique and fascinating sector. There are not many opportunities in Kelowna to work in the aviation industry. When I saw a chance to apply my accounting knowledge to such an interesting industry, I jumped at the opportunity.

What positive trait(s) do you feel women bring to the industry? 

Women are passionate about what they do and bring a sense of humility and empathy to their work. Women are also great at working together to accomplish tasks and have great camaraderie.

What would tell young females interested in joining the industry? 

With any new opportunity, there will always be challenges. The learning curve is steep, but it’s a great industry to work in, filled with exciting new projects and tons of new information to learn. You will never be bored in this ever-changing industry.

Do you have a female mentor or idol in the aviation industry? 

As I continue in this industry, I hope to be that mentor or idol for other women in this industry one day.

Do you have any inspiring lessons that you have learned about life while working in the aviation industry? 

The industry is very technical. Given my role, I will never truly understand the technical aspects of what we as a company do daily. I have learned to accept that every part is an essential cog in our SKYTRAC machine.

What’s your favorite thing about the industry? 

My favorite thing about this industry is its fast-paced nature and the fact that there are always new things to learn. I don’t like to be bored in my role, and I’m certainly not bored.

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