VMO Partners with SKYTRAC for Integrated Real-time Flight Operations Data

Vmo Solutions and SKYTRAC formalized an integration agreement that will see the companies work together to optimize operations for their mutual clients. The integration of OC, Vmo’s web-based operational control software, with SKYTRAC’s flight data monitoring solutions provides end-users with increased visibility into their operations and the ability to make more informed decisions.

“Vmo’s partnership with SKYTRAC represents a unique and highly beneficial opportunity for our mutual customers to obtain deeper insights into their businesses, optimize their operations and ultimately increase profitability,” said Kris Hanus, President and CEO, Vmo Solutions. “The ability to have flight data feed into Vmo’s operational control software in real-time is groundbreaking for the aviation operations software industry.”

Vmo prides itself on working with other service providers to improve operational efficiency. Through integrations with booking software providers, training systems, payroll software, and now satellite tracking with SKYTRAC, Vmo will further reduce task redundancy, increase data accuracy, radically improve the auditing process and improve business intelligence. SKYTRAC’s data is invaluable to its customers and through this integration with Vmo’s OC software customers will be able to make even better decisions.


About Vmo Solutions
Vmo Solutions is a Canadian-based software development company specializing in IT products for the aviation services industry. The Company creates multi-platform applications for common aviation operations, including flight planning and operational control software tailored to the needs of regional airlines. Vmo currently offers two products including OC, software to manage all aspects of the flight operations of an airline, from dispatching aircraft to managing crew schedules. As well as, FP, flight planning software to give airlines the ability to easily create and file efficient flight plans. For more information, visit www.vmo.aero.


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