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SKYTRAC Co-op staff member Ryan Mitchell

SKYTRAC’s Student Co-Op Program: Ryan Mitchell

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At SKYTRAC, our student Co-op program is an opportunity for tomorrow’s leaders to receive hands-on learning in a real-world and mentoring environment. We have various departments to help you define your ideal career path. If you would like to inquire about the co-op opportunities at SKYTRAC, contact

What type of engineering role did you take on at SKYTRAC? (i.e., your position, responsibilities)

At SKYTRAC, I was a co-op student for three months. I was given various projects from several managers, ranging from programming and web development to building my own radio/LED speaker. Most of the projects I completed contributed to the company; however, some were designed for my personal growth.

How was your experience working within the aerospace industry?

I had a very memorable experience at SKYTRAC that convinced me I would like to work in the aerospace industry in the future. I enjoyed all of the projects and learned plenty about the industry that I thought was very interesting. I have always been interested in the aerospace industry; however, being able to contribute to the industry made me appreciate it in a whole other level.

What did you like best about working with SKYTRAC?

My favorite part of working at SKYTRAC was being able to complete projects that were geared towards my desired future career. I enjoyed being able to apply knowledge learned in the classroom, at the same time as gaining more knowledge then a school could ever teach.

How did SKYTRAC provide meaningful work experience during your tenure as a Co-op student?

The projects given to me were all meaningful because they were all geared towards a potential future career in engineering. Regardless of the project, I was able to learn something new every time. I never once thought a task was repetitive, as there was always a new experience to learn from.

Will you be looking to pursue meaningful work within the aerospace sector further?

Yes, ideally. I would like to work in the aerospace industry after completing a degree in engineering.

Would you recommend SKYTRAC’s Co-op program to other students?

Yes, I would recommend the SKYTRAC co-op to other students. I enjoyed my time there very much and thought it was very productive, as would other students.

How has your perception of aviation changed before and after your co-op with SKYTRAC?

My perception of aviation has changed as my knowledge in the industry has expanded. Before the co-op, I was simply curious about pursuing a degree in the aerospace field; however, now I am certain it is a career path I would like to follow. Something that surprised me was the large amount of testing a product must go through before it enters the aviation industry.

SKYTRAC is committed to fostering the future of aviation technology leaders. If you feel you would like to expand your future in aerospace, contact

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