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SKYTRAC Co-op staff member Devanjoy Roy

SKYTRAC’s Student Co-Op Program: Devanjon Roy

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At SKYTRAC, our student Co-op program is an opportunity for tomorrow’s leaders to receive hands-on learning in a real-world and mentoring environment. We have various departments to help you define your ideal career path. If you would like to inquire about the co-op opportunities at SKYTRAC, contact

Here is what one of our recent co-op students have to say about their experience with our team:

What type of engineering role did you take on at SKYTRAC? (i.e. your position, responsibilities)

I was hired as a Software Development Co-op in Quality Assurance, mostly testing different releases of embedded and enterprise software. And working on fixing defects on the latest releases with the development team to support further improvement.

How was your experience working within the aerospace industry?

When I was hired for my position, I was very excited. As my first co-op and that too in aviation industry, I was thrilled. The aerospace industry being vast and very safety specific when it comes to their software and hardware was insightful.

What did you like best about working with SKYTRAC?

The work environment, my colleagues, and working with aerospace-grade hardware was very cool!

How did SKYTRAC provide meaningful work experience during your tenure as a co-op student?

I have worked on various projects in my eight-month term, for some projects it was from initial planning of the software to build our way towards a release, which gave me excellent understanding in software development.

Will you be looking to further pursue meaningful work within the aerospace sector?

Most definitely! SKYTRAC has helped me experience the aerospace software/hardware industry better. And enticed my passion to become a software engineer in the future.

Would you recommend SKYTRAC’s co-op program to other students?

Yes! For co-op students, it is an amazing opportunity to learn and gain experience in aviation-grade software and hardware.

How has your perception of aviation changed before and after your co-op with SKYTRAC?

To be honest, I have never expected to work in this industry. But with my co-op, my perception of the aviation industry has changed in a great way. I am very happy to be a part of SKYTRAC’s Co-op program.

SKYTRAC is committed to fostering the future of aviation technology leaders. If you feel you would like to expand your future in aerospace, contact 

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