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SKYTRAC’s Luke Billington to Speak on How Intelligent Connectivity Can Impact Patient Care at ACAT Safety Conference 2023

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At the start of March, ORNGE, an air ambulance and medical transport service that operates in Ontario, hosts the All Canada Aeromedical Transport (ACAT) Safety Conference. This in-person and virtual event brings together fixed and rotary wing aeromedical transport operators from all over Canada, creating a space where they learn, share, and discuss solutions to common safety issues. The goal of this conference is to bring both aviation and paramedicine safety together to allow for a more holistic understanding of safety issues within the unique industry that is aeromedical transport.  

This year, SKYTRAC’s own Luke Billington will be attending and speaking at the ACAT Safety Conference. Luke, SKYTRAC’s subject matter expert on intelligent connectivity for Emergency Medical Services (EMS), will be sharing his vast knowledge on how intelligent connectivity can improve patient care.  

For air medical operators, the goal is to transport critically ill and injured patients who may be compromised by a delay in care or due to a lack of appropriate resources in the immediate area. Due to this, EMS operators require robust connectivity to consistently track and communicate with their fleet, as well as consistently communicate with urgent care centres, and urgent care providers. The cases transported by aeromedical operators are some of the most critical meaning every second gained by quality connectivity counts.  

Luke will be speaking on how intelligent connectivity can save those important seconds by allowing operators to access important features such as medical data transfer – enabling healthcare practitioners to access dynamic and static medical data while in-flight. These key functionalities can save precious seconds during critical moments of patient care making them incredibly valuable to EMS and aeromedical transport operators as well as healthcare professionals. As a proud provider of the tools required to enable connectivity for medical data transfers, SKYTRAC is excited to support Luke as he shares his integral knowledge with other individuals in the aeromedical industry. 

If you are interested in the ACAT Safety Conference you can learn more about it at Ornge – ACAT 2023. If you are interested in learning more about Luke’s knowledge on intelligent connectivity for EMS or aeromedical operators, check out our deep dive into Luke’s expertise. 

You can also connect with Luke on LinkedIn if you have further questions on how intelligent connectivity can benefit the EMS industry. 

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