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SKYTRAC Enters Unmanned Aviation Segment with Innovative IMS-350 Iridium Certus Satcom Terminal

IMS-350 introduced as the lightest and smallest Iridium Certus-capable system available

KELOWNA, BC, March 16, 2021 – SKYTRAC Systems Ltd. (SKYTRAC) has entered the unmanned aviation segment with the development and launch of the Integrated Mission System 350 (IMS-350) terminal which features the Iridium CertusTM 9810 modem. This system will enable assured, pole-to-pole communications for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations, Command and Control (C2) applications, payload health monitoring, live video streaming, data transmission, AI-enabled sensor fusion, and more. By leveraging the recent partnership with Iridium as a Value-Added Manufacturer, Reseller, and Service Provider, SKYTRAC expands its market focus beyond fixed-wing and rotorcraft, into the unmanned aviation markets.

Through Iridium Global Line of Sight (GLOS) CertusSM services, SKYTRAC’s Integrated Mission System 350 (IMS-350) will provide 352 kbps uplink and 704 kbps downlink broadband speeds with latency under 500 milliseconds through a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite connection.

Derived from SKYTRAC’s certified Satellite Communications (Satcom) avionics, the IMS-350 incorporates numerous interfaces ensuring a flexible architecture for systems integrators and OEMs. These include multiple Ethernet, ARINC-429, RS-232, RS-485, discrete input/output ports, and a CAN bus which allows microcontrollers and devices to communicate effortlessly.

“With the launch of the IMS-350, SKYTRAC now provides intelligent connectivity solutions to the manned and unmanned aviation markets,” notes Jan van der Heul, SKYTRAC Vice President of Sales. “The IMS-350, which leverages Iridium Certus, is an innovative, powerful, and future-proof solution that fits directly into SKYTRAC’s Iridium Certus product portfolio, complementing our many other applications and capabilities.”

The IMS-350, which features a powerful multicore server, supports sensor-matched applications that can parse collected data to determine what to transmit in real-time to optimize Satcom service costs. The integrated smart router dynamically manages data traffic by prioritizing data throughput, ensuring efficient use of Satcom and cellular channels, improving operational efficiencies for a wide range of UAS mission profiles in all high-value industry segments, including aerial firefighting, offshore oil and gas, search and rescue, disaster relief, law enforcement, military and government, and more.

The IMS-350 is the lightest and smallest high-speed Iridium Certus Satcom terminal available today, and is contained in an easily mounted, robust housing. For operations in urban areas, the incorporated cellular and Wi-Fi radios provide terrestrial connectivity options. Combined with Iridium, cellular, and Wi-Fi antennas, the IMS-350 is the most comprehensive BVLOS connectivity solution available today for Group 2-5 UAV categories.

The IMS-350 program has secured launch customers operating as UAV manufacturers, systems integrators, Drone-as-a-Service providers, and advanced scientific research institutions.

For operators seeking a midband UAS Satcom solution, SKYTRAC has also launched the Data Link System 100 (DLS-100) modem capable of 22 kbps uplink and 88 kbps downlink, which will enable Command and Control (C2), limited video, and data transmission in a similar volume of the IMS-350. The ruggedized and IP67 compliant modem also leverages Iridium Certus pole-to-pole connectivity with 99.9% reliability and latency advantages over Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) satellite constellations. The modem is compatible with commercial and DoD SIM cards and also features remote management functionality through web or software API as needed.

As commercial unmanned aircraft increasingly replace legacy solutions, operators will require cost-effective, highly capable UAVs to accomplish increasingly complex tasks. The IMS-350 and DLS-100 are SKYTRAC’s answer for UAS Satcom capabilities, providing both datalink and custom onboard server capabilities for operators looking for reliable, robust, and proven global communications.

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