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Montreal Alouettes Boeing 737-200, Chartered through Nolinor Aviation, Features SKYTRAC On Board


The Montreal Alouettes are the first team in CFL history to have their own plane. The Alouettes’ Boeing 737-200, chartered through Nolinor Aviation, features bold livery showcasing the proud Alouettes’ brand as it ferries the Canadian football team during away games.

Nolinor Aviation, the largest airline carrier offering specialized commercial charter flights in Canada, also a long-time partner to SKYTRAC, signed an agreement with the Montreal Alouettes to be the club’s official charter flight partner for the next 10 years.

Featuring SKYTRAC’s flagship ISAT-200A satellite transceiver on board, Nolinor, and by extension, the entire Montreal Alouettes organization, can focus on the task at hand knowing that world-class technology is onboard the aircraft.

SKYTRAC’s ISAT-200A is a central piece to enabling powerful satellite communications technology, ensuring reliable, two-way communication, accurate flight data monitoring and analysis, and tracking the aircraft from pole-to-pole.

In addition to tracking and communications, SKYTRAC’s intelligent connectivity SATCOM system will detect premature failures and immediately dispatch automatic alerts in real-time to ground crews, ensuring the safety of any member of the Montreal Alouettes flying onboard the chartered Boeing 737.

To learn more about SKYTRAC’s real-time flight data monitoring systems, email

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