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Jarrod Manson in front of SKYTRAC offfices

Jarrod Manson: Bringing elegant solutions to aerospace through complex program management

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When Jarrod Manson started at SKYTRAC in 2014, he initially joined as a part-time software tester. Since then, Manson has moved on to a critical Program Management role that interfaces with numerous internal and external stakeholders on high-profile projects.

“SKYTRAC took a chance on me as a fresh-faced kid trying to forge a career,” said Manson. “I come to work every day grateful that they did. The opportunities to progress into senior roles using a positive mindset and hard work is what interested me the most.”

His career path has led him to progress professionally into a flourishing full-time career in managing SKYTRAC’s Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) programs. He now works with a wide variety of international aviation partners in industries ranging from aerial firefighting through to military and government.

According to Manson, it was made very clear from the start that there is always room to grow. And his career progressed in rapid succession from Software Test Team Lead, Client Services Analyst, and now to Program Management. He explained that the company’s encouraging mentorship had instilled in him a passion for aviation.

“SKYTRAC has recognized my willingness to improve and provided me with opportunities along the way to aid my professional development. These opportunities have included multiple offsite training courses, other post-secondary education, PMP certification, and multiple engineering discipline courses,” mentions Manson.

From a FDM project management point of view, Manson mentioned that it is incredibly difficult to stay abreast of all the moving pieces on complex aerospace projects.

“But this is also what keeps me coming back,” jokes Manson. “Every day is interesting.”

What has been the most important project that you have worked on at SKYTRAC, and why?

Flight Data Monitoring. Right from our very first implementation in 2015 to now having a large number of clients, being there from the very start and seeing what it has grown into makes me immensely proud. It is now my bread and butter, I live it every day, and it has provided me countless opportunities to travel the world, meet clients and have incredible experiences.

What’s your family life like? How was WFH impacted your day-today? 

I am as busy at home as I am in the office. My wonderful wife and three young children provide me with many hilarious distractions! They are also the driving force, my positive motivator for me having to succeed in everything I do, and I appreciate their support no matter the circumstances, be it working from home, in the office, or during extended periods of travel.

What do you like most about working at SKYTRAC?

I like the internal candor, regular customer interaction, and the occasional Friday afternoon beers.

If you had to choose a fixed-wing or rotor-wing aircraft, which one would you choose? 

The Spitfire. Iconic, best-sounding aircraft ever made. It would be a dream to at least sit in one in my lifetime.

What do you like to do outside of work?

There is family and sports, any sport – playing, coaching, watching, listening, or talking about sports. Sports. Sports. Sports.


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