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Celebrating Women of Aviation Week with Katrin Ratassepp

Women of Aviation Week is about celebrating women’s accomplishments in aviation and inspiring others to construct the industry’s future. As we highlight the women that are our aerospace leaders, SKYTRAC is proud to encourage more women to join the industry.

Women deliver energy to the industry that facilitates equality and innovation, and SKYTRAC is honored to provide an environment that encourages women to become industry leaders. Because of this, we would like to highlight the talented faces behind our team.

When did you first start working in aviation?

I began my career in 2004, and have been working for ACR for seven years.

What brought you to work in aviation?

Working as a US Government Contracts Manager, I found a passion for helping those who serve and protect our freedom.

What positive trait(s) do you feel women bring to the industry?

A get it done attitude with a drive for results.

What would tell young females interested in joining the industry?

The sky is the limit to what you can accomplish and don’t let anything stop you from going after what you want. Find a mentor to be your rescue beacon if you think you are alone and need help.

Do you have a female mentor or idol in the aviation industry?

I am lucky enough to have had many female mentors, both those in the industry with many years of experience. These are people who have done something similar to what I want to accomplish for the industry. A mentor can be someone who has achieved something you want to do – find those individuals and ask for advice. They often want to share their stories.

Do you have any inspiring lessons that you have learned about life while working in the aviation industry?

Find a great partner to be the wind beneath your wings, the lift when times are tough, and your co-pilot through thick and thin.

What’s your favorite thing about the industry?

The people and watching these individuals reach great altitudes.

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