Chrono Aviation utilizes SKYTRAC to identify and communicate new flight plans when flying extreme Northern routes to locations such as Baffin Island

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Organization: Chrono Aviation

Industry: Air Transport
Location: Quebec, Canada
Web URL:


Extreme weather events are one of the most challenging obstacles faced by pilots. Flightpath adjustments are often required to get aircraft passengers and personnel out of harm’s way during rapidly deteriorating weather conditions. This is especially true in polar regions such as the Arctic and Antarctic, where vortex jet streams can cause serious issues for those flying through the regions.

For charter airlines based in extreme Northern regions, such as Quebec-based Chrono Aviation, on-time delivery and pilot safety is critical.

It’s a key program for Chrono, as it gives us a lot of capabilities that help us make decisions ahead of time. The SKYTRAC system permits better tracking and communication in real-time – flight tracking and position reporting every 30 seconds is fantastic, especially when the weather rolls in and change of routes are required, as the communication is quick and effective.”

David Sade, VP Operations

Download the Chrono Aviation Case Study

Chrono Aviation is a charter airline based in Montreal, Quebec City, and Rimouski whose primary mission is to offer a service with safety as its core priority.