Voice, Text and Push-to-Talk

Connect air and ground crew via satellite voice and text – globally and under all conditions. SKYTRAC offers multiple voice and data packages, and a selection of hardware packages to meet the needs of fixed and rotary wing operators of all sizes.  Link multi-disciplinary air and ground teams across wide geographic regions with Iridium Push-to-Talk – or add basic two-way calling and messaging to your aircraft.  SKYTRAC supplies scalable solutions to meet all your voice and text requirements.


Call and message in-air using a MOBILE PHONE or TABLET.

QUICK MESSAGE and SPEED DIAL with a cockpit display panel and dispatch voice interface.

Seamlessly connect an unlimited number of callers with Iridium® PUSH-TO-TALK group talk.

Support night-time operations with NVIS OPTIMIZED equipment.

SKYTRAC’S IRIDIUM PUSH-TO-TALK solution combines fast, simple and secure group communications with the power of SKYTRAC’s trusted voice-talk hardware. Using Netted Iridium technology, operators can achieve less than two-second push-to-talk capability and eliminate the need for relying on land-based radio towers. Talk-groups are fully configurable for a large number of users over wide geographic regions. Push-to-Talk is an ideal package for Air Ambulance, Search and Rescue, Humanitarian and Oil & Gas operators – or any operator looking to seamlessly connect diverse teams on the ground and in the air.


Support coordination and control of your team and resources like never before with SKYTRAC Iridium Push-to-Talk services.