SKYTRAC provides industry-compliant tracking, globally-reliable communication & comprehensive data management solutions for aviation emergency services. Our clients include air medical operators, aerial firefighters, police services, humanitarian agencies and more.

Enterprise Data Management for the Air Medical Operator

Accurate and reliable data sharing shaves vital minutes off of response times, proactively reduces aircraft downtime and enhances safety for both patient and crew. SKYTRAC’s 2017 air medical toolkit is designed to help streamline your operations with HAA-compliant Flight Data Monitoring programs, Iridium Push-to-Talk air-to-ground group calling functions, and dependable real-time flight following. As a one-stop data management hub, SKYTRAC will help you achieve greater real-time insight into your operations and gain new connectivity between work streams.

Compliant Automated Flight Following for Aerial Firefighting

SKYTRAC provides industry-compliant 2-minute position reports, automated tank drop reports, and air-to-ground voice/text communications solutions for Aerial Fire Fighting operations. Systems are suitable for meeting the requirements of the US Forestry Service (USFS), the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC), and Australia’s National Aerial Fire Centre (NAFC). Stay connected with your crew and streamline reporting with SKYTRAC Automated Flight Following for Aerial Fire Fighters.

Air Rescue & Humanitarian Missions

Humanitarian missions require safe yet rapid response under changing conditions and in isolated locations. SKYTRAC provides tools for automated monitoring of flights from point of departure throughout all phases of flight; ensuring that aircraft follow their prescribed route and keeping lines of communication open at all times. Plan “safe flight corridors” and mark go/no-go geofences, monitor weather conditions and stay in touch via real-time group talk. SKYTRAC has a 30 year history providing real-time awareness for some of the world’s most challenging and remote missions.