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SKYTRAC to Provide Global Mobile Data Coverage in 200+ Countries

SKYTRAC expands Intelligent Connectivity portfolio as GigSky partnership matures

ANAHEIM, CA, January 29, 2020 – SKYTRAC today announced it will expand upon their partnership with GigSky to offer global cellular data coverage in over 200 countries to deliver mission-critical mobile data to the aviation enterprise. Originally ratified in September 2019, the partnership enables global 4G/LTE cellular network access for use with SKYTRAC’s Dynamic Air Link 200 (DAL-200) wireless communications and data download solution.

SKYTRAC now offers helicopter operators the ability to access the GigSky Enterprise Manager (GEM) application to enable intelligent connectivity solutions across the entire enterprise. The cellular data service can be used by tablet devices to support Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) connectivity capabilities including accessing flight plans, weather reports, eTechLogs, and charting map updates. It also connects cabin crews and ground personnel, while simplifying accounting processes for operators by providing one invoice within the centralized GEM for easy management of and provision of data.

“This is a significant development as instead of operators utilizing and expensing personal or local SIM cards, an organization can now manage all their SIMs from one location, using one supplier and one giant pool of data for seamless global data connectivity,” mentions Ruben Stepin, Director of GADSS and Airline Business Development for SKYTRAC.

Aviation enterprise organizations can select regional, global, or country-based plans through SKYTRAC to allow cellular connectivity, allowing uninterrupted access to data across international borders without burdensome roaming overages.

Enterprise SIM cards will be provided with the purchase of data plans to empower aerospace organizations to roam globally without the need for complicated contract negotiations. Operators will also have the option to enable data sharing for their fleet, allowing high-use aircraft to utilize a greater share of data as required.
In addition to seamless access to cellular data globally, the service also optimizes network speeds by auto-selecting the best performing national mobile network operator (MNO). Administrators also stand to benefit from having one point of contact in lieu of having to manage multiple international accounts and billing processes, increasing operational efficiencies both in the air and on the ground.

For more information or pricing inquiries on the SKYTRAC’s global cellular data connectivity, please contact or visit Booth 7145 during HELI-EXPO 2020.

About SKYTRAC Systems Ltd.

SKYTRAC is aviation’s full-service, data-driven solutions provider. Since 1986, SKYTRAC has pioneered the development, evolution and commercialization of flight following, flight data and communications technology. Today, with systems certified on over 900 airframes and an online data management portal that is the go-to tool for over 7,000 global users, SKYTRAC is truly the partner of choice for data-guided business insights. From performance trending and operations reporting to real-time asset tracking and situational awareness – SKYTRAC offers a one-stop response to meeting more of your company’s needs. For more information, visit

About GigSky Inc.

Founded in 2010, GigSky is a leading provider of global cellular connectivity and eSIM solutions for consumers, businesses and manufacturers. Through our multi-meshed carrier network, GigSky provides affordable and reliable coverage in over 200 countries and territories. Our innovative products include enterprise mobile data management solutions, IoT solutions, and consumer roaming solutions like the GigSky global SIM, GigSky for iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR, GigSky for iPad and GigSky for Microsoft “Always Connected” PCs. For more information please contact GigSky at: or by phone at +1 855 454-4445.

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