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SKYTRAC #YoungTalent Series: Teagan Walton, Junior Avionics Design and Airworthiness Engineer

Teagan Walton joined SKYTRAC’s Design Approval Organization (DAO) team as a Junior Avionics Design and Airworthiness Engineer in March 2021 after completing a Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace from Ryerson University. During her undergraduate degree, Walton completed several aerospace projects, including a rigorous capstone requiring teamwork and critical thinking to design a business jet from the ground up. For Walton, joining the workforce amid a pandemic was no easy feat, but with a little determination and resilience, she soon found a home at SKYTRAC, where she can combine her creativity and technical acumen to help clients around the globe. 

Today, a few months away from her first work anniversary, Walton spends her time productizing SKYTRAC’s Iridium Certus midband datalink and GPS system, the DLS-100, intended for unmanned aircraft fleets and eventually manned. These systems will provide low latency LEO satellite connectivity from any point on the planet, ensuring operators maintain reliable, mission-critical connectivity when they need it most. In addition, she supports Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) development programs for clients in multiple aviation segments.

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to start my career at a rapidly growing company that provides numerous opportunities for learning and professional development,” mentions Walton. “It is also great to be part of a team with a diverse set of educational backgrounds and to have support from mentors with lots of industry experience.” 

In the spirit of a truly global company, Walton recently traveled to Mexico to survey an aircraft fleet for an STC program and to provide onsite installation support. She gained hands-on experience conducting an on-aircraft survey and had the opportunity to see the avionics compartment of the aircraft firsthand. 

“It was exciting to see how our efforts ultimately impact the end customer, from initial survey through to the installation of a system,” says Walton. “Meeting the customer in person was an invaluable experience for me which strengthens my connection with both our industry and our client.”

Walton, born and raised in Vancouver, now enjoys a true four-season lifestyle that matches her active habits. In her spare time, you can find Teagan playing in a league at the Kelowna Curling Club, barreling down Big White’s expansive set of runs, or hiking around the Okanagan’s many national parks and trails. She notes that her favourite is the hiking trail around Twin Lakes, just outside of Kelowna.

SKYTRAC’s #YoungTalent Series focuses on bright young minds who are just starting their aerospace careers. For career opportunities, please visit

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