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SKYTRAC and ACR Group Sister Companies to Attend the Iridium Partner Conference in Palm Springs, California

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SKYTRAC, Bivy, BlueSky, and NAL Research are excited to attend this event hosted by our long-term partners, Iridium.

This March, Iridium, the proprietor of the truly global Iridium satellite network, is hosting the Iridium Partner Conference. This three-day event gathers those who utilize their network to a space where they can share innovations, announcements, and knowledge with fellow stakeholders and partners of the satellite communications industry. The event focuses on education, with sessions hosted by various leading individuals in satellite communications. Those attending can expect to learn about different issues and hear from multiple segments tied to the satellite communications industry.

SKYTRAC is honored to attend this event alongside our ACR Group sister companies and is excited to connect with our peers and partners. Our team will host a lounge during the event where those attending can connect with us and learn about the exciting new innovations at SKYTRAC and our sister companies.

In addition to attending the event, we will also share exciting new announcements regarding our products and services during the event. We look forward to sharing these exciting updates with those attending and those following SKYTRAC.

Enter to win an iPad and a Bivy Stick

In celebration of the annual IPC, ACR Group companies NAL Research, Blue Sky Network, Bivy, and SKYTRAC will be raffling off a grand prize consisting of an iPad and a Bivy Stick. The Bivy stick will enable text and email communications through the Iridium network, ensuing your personal device can communicate from any point on the planet.

Drop by the ACR Group lounge to enter by placing your business card in the designated ballot box.

Are you attending?

If you are attending and are interested in connecting with our team, please reach out to, and we can schedule a time to meet with you.

We look forward to connecting and learning with you in Palm Springs, California.

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