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SKYTRAC to Attend SOFIC 21 Virtual Conference

SKYTRAC to Attend SOFIC 2021 from May 17 to May 21

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The National Defense Industry Association (NDIA), the trusted leader among Defense and Security Associations, is putting on the Special Forces Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) 2021 conference this May. The 2021 edition which will take place virtually from May 17-21 to mitigate the threat of the global coronavirus pandemic.

The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) is the foremost opportunity for the SOF community to interact with industry and collaborate on the challenges, initiatives, and way-ahead in delivering the most cutting-edge capabilities into the hands of SOF operators.

This exciting virtual event will enable critical conversations and collaboration, as well as maintain existing and establish new networks and connections between the SOF Community and their traditional and non-traditional industry partners.


SKYTRAC’S 2-MCU Satellite Data Unit, the SDL-350, features bold new capabilities and a 150x multiplier in bandwidth set to enable the next generation of pole-to-pole connectivity. The SDL-350 facilitates live video streaming, telemedicine, in-flight entertainment (IFE), and advanced graphical weather to the cockpit. Track fleet activity across the globe, automatically detect in-flight events, and capture robust data to feed your FOQA, MOQA, SMS and other operations systems.


SKYTRAC’s innovative IMS-350 UAV Satcom system provides cutting edge capabilities, broadband connectivity, and limitless applications in a daringly small form factor. The IMS-350 is SKYTRAC’s flagship answer for UAV Satcom capabilities, providing both data link and custom onboard server capabilities for industries looking for reliable, robust, and proven global communications.


SKYTRAC’s DLS-100 is an Iridium Certus midband Satcom data link for UAV’s enabling real-time command and control, telemetry streaming, and photo transfer from unmanned aviation systems. The ruggedized and IP67 compliant modem enables 22 Kbps uplink and 88 Kbps downlink speeds. Designed for use with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), the cost-effective Iridium Certus modem allows for pole-to-pole connectivity around the globe with 99.9% reliability and stunningly low latency.

Register for SOFIC

To register for SOFIC 2021, please visit the SOFIC registration page.

Schedule a Meeting

SKYTRAC’s Jeff Sherwood will be in attendance, and will be discussing SKYTRAC’s exciting products and capabilities. To schedule a meeting, please contact

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