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STS-Blog-Canadian Wildfire Conference2023

Join SKYTRAC at the Canadian Wildfire Conference

Hosted in our home city of Kelowna, B.C., the Canadian Wildfire Conference takes place on October 26

The Canadian Wildfire Conference is a two-day event that brings together leading suppliers to showcase and discuss innovative technologies and services. The event also features an educational program fostering air and ground personnel collaboration. The conference includes an appreciation dinner scheduled for October 25 and a comprehensive program on October 26. During the conference, attendees can expect diverse presentations from industry leaders, providing valuable insights into the current challenges and trends in wildfire suppression.

The conference focuses on delivering critical business information to various stakeholders involved in wildfire response, including aerial and ground crews, incident commanders, chiefs, operators, and relevant agencies. The event’s emphasis covers several key areas, such as introducing new products that significantly impact the wildfire suppression sector, promoting interoperability among different stakeholders, highlighting support services essential for effective wildfire management, addressing air traffic management concerns, and exploring innovative solutions.

Furthermore, the conference delves into procurement strategies, government policies, and procedures related to wildfire suppression efforts. Attendees can gain a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges within the field, equipping them with the knowledge and insights necessary to enhance their capabilities and contribute to more effective wildfire management and response. Overall, the Canadian Wildfire Conference is a vital platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing among professionals dedicated to combating wildfires and protecting communities and ecosystems.

Connect with SKYTRAC at the Canadian Wildfire Conference

SKYTRAC is excited to be exhibiting at this event hosted by the KF Aerospace Centre for Excellence. As a company that has worked with the aerial firefighting industry for many years, SKYTRAC’s team is excited to be able to attend and exhibit at this event. We look forward to sharing how SKYTRAC’s connectivity solutions continue to benefit aerial firefighters.

For more information on the Canadian Wildfire Conference, please visit their website.

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