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STS-Blog-Solakonferansen 2023

Connect with SKYTRAC at Solakonferansen 2023

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SKYTRAC’s team will be in Sola, Norway, from September 18th to 20th for Solakonferansen 

The Solakonferansen conference, organized by the Stiftelsen Solakonferansen (The Solakonferansen Foundation), is a pivotal annual event within the aviation industry. Its primary goal is to unite professionals to enhance safety, quality, and environmental standards. The conference addresses pressing aviation issues, fostering discussions, and inspiring continuous improvements in safety. 

This year, the conference places a special emphasis on environmental responsibility. It has invited Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to focus on their contributions to greener operations. As the energy industry faces scrutiny for eco-friendly transportation solutions, the offshore helicopter segment is committed to advancing technology and procedures to minimize environmental impact. 

Solakonferansen is a hub for exploring cutting-edge technologies, whether complementary additions or groundbreaking innovations. By doing so, it not only benefits the aviation community but also extends its knowledge to industries beyond aviation. Participants include key stakeholders, from aviation safety advocates to influencers on a broader scale, fostering collaboration and driving positive change in the aviation industry.  

Connect with Luke Billington while he is in Norway for this event. 

SKYTRAC’s Regional Business Manager, Luke Billington, will attend this event. If you wish to connect with him while he is there, we encourage you to fill out the form below to request a meeting, and he will schedule a meeting with you.  

If you wish to attend Solakonferansen, please visit to inquire about purchasing tickets.  

We look forward to connecting in beautiful Norway. 

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