Many organizations already suffer from software overload – making the addition of a new FDM, flight following or EFB system a daunting task. SKYTRAC is dedicated to providing solutions that work in your larger operational context. With flexible integration options, our systems are designed to work with your existing tools and processes. We also offer full program implementation and support services. With SKYTRAC, we’ll help you eliminate software silos and streamline operations for multiple departments.


Capture accurate BILL-BY-THE-MILE DATA and auto-forward to your accounting team.


Maximize INVENTORY COMPONENT TIME with accurate engine data.

Add objective data to EXISTING SMS TOOLS and minimize manual data entry.

dau aviation aircraft data acquisition and compression

Leverage existing IN-HOUSE FDM or AFF SOFTWARE OR choose from our OUT-OF-THE-BOX options.

Manage pilot reporting and DUTY HOURS.

Automate reporting to THIRD PARTY AGENCIES.

Operators who look to build rich and objective data into everyday safety and maintenance functions will improve performance in a safety- and cost-conscious market. SKYTRAC’s data integration solutions are designed to reduce the burden on staff and lower overhead by automating time-intensive processes. Talk to us about your needs for data acquisition, analytics or custom systems integration.