Global Distress Tracking

SKYTRAC Distress Tracking is a GADSS-compliant automated distress and safety system that goes beyond basic GPS reporting to keep all stakeholders fully informed when an in-flight safety incident occurs.  Our unique FOUR-PHASE system analyses aircraft sensor data in real-time – automatically detects safety and maintenance events – sends escalating status updates and position reports through the duration of an inflight incident – and acts as a virtual black box, sending full flight logs into a secure data center for remote retrieval and analysis. SKYTRAC Distress Tracking lets you know what’s gone wrong, when it happens and allows you to proactively investigate why.

SKYTRAC Autonomous GADSS Monitoring

Monitor GPS LOCATION and detect deviation OFF COURSE.

Identify unplanned change in ALTITUDE or ATTITUDE.

Maintain in-flight voice and text COMMUNICATION.

Immediately identify loss of POWER or changes in SPEED.

Identify low FUEL or excessive fuel consumption.

Establish additional CUSTOM EVENTS per your airframe or operational needs.

SKYTRAC  GADSS Distress Tracking solution is backed by over 30 years’ experience in monitoring aircraft in some of the world’s most remote locations. Our global clientele includes customers flying over the South China Sea and at the South pole. We specialize in delivering solutions that:


  • operate fully autonomously, requiring no manual intervention to detect or trigger real-time safety alerts
  • function reliably around the globe
  • are fully flexible with “out-of-the-box” solutions and custom systems integration to suit the size and scope of client requirements


SKYTRAC offers a future-ready GADSS package that can help you attain short-term compliance and scale to meet 2018 and 2021 ICAO targets.