748 Air Services Drives Safety with SKYTRAC Real-Time FDM

Nairobi-based air charter service provider 748 Air Services Ltd. has selected SKYTRAC full-service Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) for their Q400 aircraft.

748 Air Services turned to SKYTRAC with a need for fast, reliable and easy access to critical aircraft maintenance and safety data. As specialists in real-time data management, SKYTRAC has designed a program that will deliver timely and accurate FDM reports for use in the operator’s SMS, training and maintenance programs.

The SKYTRAC FDM solution will analyse onboard systems data through all phases of operations, sending real time email notifications to key ground crew as soon as a critical incident occurs.

On landing, full flight logs will be automatically downloaded and sent to SKYTRAC’s online data management portal for further trending and analysis.  748 Air Services staff will have immediate access to a suite of FDM reports through a simple, secure, cloud-based dashboard.

The system is fully integrated with SKYTRAC’s real-time flight following services which 748 Air Services will continue to use to support humanitarian and natural resource sector missions throughout Africa.

“SKYTRAC FDM programs are designed to drive success for each unique client. 748 Air Services required a solution that was both EASA-compliant and easy-to-use for a small, dynamic team. We are delivering a turnkey system with a custom event-set, seamless systems integration, and reliable, timely reporting access,” said SKYTRAC Vice President of Sales Jan van der Heul.

“We are also aware that many operators are taxed for resources when it comes to setting up a new FDM program. To ensure they get up and running smoothly, we’re also here to support 748 with STC implementation, documentation and training. This one-stop-shop approach to FDM is a key differentiator for SKYTRAC,” said Van der Heul.

“748 Air Services has a mission to be leaders in safety and quality management. SKYTRAC’s solution will provide us with accurate information to feed our Safety Management Systems, and their full-service model will help us achieve our goals quickly and cost-effectively,” said 748 Air Services Director of Safety and Training Jeff Dusang.


SKYTRAC is today’s partner of choice for data-guided business insights that result in greater efficiency, improved safety and much more. As aviation’s full-service source for data-driven business solutions, SKYTRAC offers a one-stop hub for meeting more of your company’s needs, from performance trending and business decisioning tools to real-time asset tracking and situational awareness.

About 748 Air Services

748 Air Services Ltd is an air charter company that holds an Air Operator Certificate and an embedded Aircraft Maintenance Organization; both authorized by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. Since its inception, 748 Air Services has grown into one of the most reliable Air Charter Companies in the region, catering to the humanitarian sector as well as to the natural resource sector and government institutions. 748 Air Services’ professional staff and versatile aircraft fleet service a range of air transportation requirements, from the expedient delivery of cargo or the safe, comfortable transportation of passengers.

For more information contact:

Jan van der Heul
VP Sales, SKYTRAC Systems