SkyTrac is a specialized supplier of satellite-based aircraft flight following and SatCom solutions. Using the Iridium satellite network, SkyTrac provides:

  • Global coverage
  • Two-way voice communication between the aircraft and the ground
  • Two-way messaging between the aircraft and the ground
  • Aircraft tracking and mapping using GPS based position reporting
  • FOQA/FDM capabilities
  • Operational reports

Founded by experienced aviators in 1986, SkyTrac brings more than 25 years of experience to the SatCom marketplace. From the beginning, the company has been a leader in the commercialization and evolution of satellite-based flight following and communication technology.

Competitive Advantage

SkyTrac sets itself apart from other SatCom vendors in the breadth of its in-house capabilities, its enviable customer list, its ability to deliver end-to-end solutions and its superior customer support.

SkyTrac has a diverse team of professionals that are passionate about their work. With this team, SkyTrac has in-house capabilities for:

  • Hardware engineering and design
  • Manufacturing and testing
  • Software engineering and design
  • Data management
  • The integration of our system with other on-board and ground-based systems

Proven Products

SkyTrac’s solutions have been proven in the field by numerous aircraft operators flying in the harshest and most remote environments.

  • SkyTrac uses Iridium, the only satellite system that offers truly global coverage for voice and data communications
  • SkyTrac operates its own data center, which incorporates redundancy across geographically separate sites and ensures the protection and integrity of customer data
  • SkyTrac provides its SatCom and flight following solutions to virtually all types of aircraft operations:
  • Law Enforcement
  • Air Medical
  • Utilities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Forestry
  • Search & Rescue
  • Remote Operations
  • News
  • Cargo
  • Scheduled
  • VIP Transport
  • Training
  • Survey
  • Sight-seeing

Please visit our Testimonials and News Releases pages to find out more about our proven performance. Below is a small selection:


News Releases


SkyTrac Systems' Software Provides HEMS Operational Awareness during the Republican Conference and Hurricane Isaac


SkyTrac’s DSAT-300 Proves Itself ….. Again


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“As a provider of thermal scanning and forest fire specialty services we regularly work under challenging conditions right across the country, where communication is limited and standard flight planning just isn’t an option. By using SkyTrac we can have our main base track our fleet even when conditions and mission change suddenly in the field. With dependable satellite communication our pilots and crew know that important messages will get through the first time.”

- Shane Jordan, Director of Sales and Marketing, Taiga Air Services

“We looked at other systems available and weighted the cost/benefit of each, but what really swayed us towards SkyTrac was a discussion with the maintenance director of one of Canada’s largest helicopter operators and his experience with the system. He stated that the technical support offered by SkyTrac’s in-house engineering team during the integration, as well as during the few operational issues they experienced, made the process a smooth one. To us, a company that stands behind its product after the initial sale is very important.”

- Greg Wolejko, Flight Dispatcher, Nolinor Aviation



SkyTrac is a Transport Canada certified Design Approval Organization (DAO) as well as an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO), and an Approved Manufacturing Organization.


Outstanding Customer Service

SkyTrac prides itself on consistently maintaining the highest level of customer service. We are able to provide a complete in-house support capability to cover every aspect of the business. The customer can expect to receive full support through the complete process of purchase, installation and day-to-day operation of the equipment and software. This not only includes access to the subject matter experts, but also a full set of support documentation and user guides.


SkyTrac values partnerships as an important part of providing services to its customers, and as such, has developed a number of strong partnerships in the following areas:


Reseller Partners

To meet the needs of our customers, SkyTrac has developed relationships with a select list of resellers. If you are interested in becoming a reseller of SkyTrac’s please contact us.


Preferred Resellers


Aquiline International


Everett Aviation


System Installers

SkyTrac supports the installation of its products by working directly with the installing organization. This may be the customer’s own in-house maintenance department or a third-party organization. To facilitate the installation of its systems on behalf of customers, SkyTrac works with:

  • Aircraft OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)
  • Aircraft Finishers
  • Independent Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) organizations

Technology Partners

SkyTrac’s solutions make use of advanced technologies provided by these organizations:

Iridium - SkyTrac has partnered with Iridium to provide customers with the best coverage and highest reliability in global satellite communications

Microsoft - SkyTrac has partnered with Microsoft to provide customers with advanced street-level mapping tools



SkyTrac is proud to be a member of the following associations: