Zimex Chooses FDM From SKYTRAC

SKYTRAC is working with Swiss-based Zimex Aviation to provide Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) services for their fleet of Beechcraft B1900D aircraft.

Under the FDM program, SKYTRAC is using Flight Data Recorder (FDR) data to support Zimex’s continuous airworthiness program and is providing trending and analysis, flight tracking, and reporting of event set exceedances.


Founded in 1969, Zimex Aviation provides reliable aircraft support to the oil, gas, mining and survey industry, humanitarian agencies and non-governmental organizations worldwide. Main activities are crew changes, special material transport and general supplies, as well as medical evacuation and search and rescue missions. While Zimex is active worldwide, its main focus is on North Africa and the Middle East. Zimex operates currently 22 aircraft and offers our customers a comprehensive air transport wherever it is required.