SKYTRAC Champions Big Data Efficiency for Business Aviation Industry at NBAA 2015

Big data management solutions are not just for major airlines, says flight tracking and aviation data analysis solutions provider SKYTRAC Systems. The business aviation industry is set to achieve unique benefits from the datafication of their fleet operations.

“Business aircraft operate under challenging conditions with unscheduled flights in and out of demanding airports, frequent use of VFR runways, and smaller, less formally structured crews,” states SKYTRAC CEO Stephen Sorocky. “This operational variability combined with tight corporate aviation budgets and an industry requirement for first-class, on-demand service makes automated, quantitative systems analysis all the more important.”

“In business aviation, there is still a heavy reliance on manual or verbal reporting processes. This informal approach can cause an array of problems from basic issues of crew scheduling to costly maintenance downtime.”

Transitioning to a big data mindset leads to big savings for operators of all sizes. A recent SKYTRAC analysis found that the automated detection of previously un-reported or mis-reported hard landings can reduce operational costs by anywhere from $1.5 M to $7.5M over the course of just three incidents. These cost savings come into play when factoring in reductions in aircraft wear-and-tear and service disruption. Additional savings are introduced as flight crews benefit from performance trending and enhanced training opportunities that lower the probability of repeat incidents over time.

“Datafication is about capturing previously hidden information and incorporating it into your overall operating procedures. Tapping into the onboard sensor systems, even of older aircraft, can offer a wealth of insight into everything from hard landings and unstable approaches to OOOI events and pilot duty hours. SKYTRAC has also implemented tools for reconciling bill-by-the-mile systems against high-resolution flight path GPS coordinates. Layered weather data and real-time exceedance alerts offer an additional dimension of tracking and accountability,” states Sorocky.

Biggest challenge lies not in availability of raw data but process of capturing and reporting meaningful results.

“Big data efficiency is not about ones and zeros. The value is lost if an operator is presented with volumes of improperly calibrated or insufficiently analysed information. A successful system combines finely tuned acquisition hardware with tailored business dashboards and carefully compiled actionable reports,” states Sorocky. “With this in place, the possibilities for proactive analysis and systems automation are nearly endless – limited only by the requirements of the operator and the creativity of the solutions provider.”




Visit SKYTRAC at NBAA Booth C8109 (Central Hall) to learn more about the value hidden in fleet data. Meet with SKYTRAC CEO Stephen Sorocky and the SKYTRAC management team onsite throughout the event.


SKYTRAC is today’s partner of choice for data-guided business insights that result in greater efficiency, improved safety and much more. As aviation’s full-service source for data-driven business solutions, SKYTRAC offers a one-stop hub for meeting more of your company’s needs, from performance trending and business decisioning tools to real-time asset tracking and situational awareness.