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SKYTRAC to Attend the Annual HeliOffshore Conference in Killarney, Ireland, from May 5th to 6th

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As an organization focused on enabling safety systems for operators, SKYTRAC is excited to attend this event alongside others looking to create safer offshore aviation operations. 

HeliOffshore is an organization that focuses on the safety of offshore aviation operators to avoid the loss of life within this integral industry. They strive to achieve this goal by providing the industry with a common language and framework to standardize accident prevention methods across offshore aviation. Their annual conference and AGM further strengthen this mission and vision. By hosting a collective safety conversation, they can identify the right priorities and support them with the right resources, thus delivering the right actions to transform frontline safety. 

Resources provided by HeliOffshore assist in standardizing safety practices such as health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS), helicopter flight data monitoring (HFDM), master minimum helideck equipment list (MMHEL), and human hazard analysis, in naming a few. They also compile yearly reports that use aggregated data collected from operators, manufacturers, and regulators to give stakeholders a glimpse into the state of safety within the industry.  

As a company that enables capabilities such as real-time health and usage monitoring (HUMS) and flight data monitoring (FDM), SKYTRAC looks forward to attending this event and learning more about the safety requirements HeliOffshore is recommending for the industry. This event provides an opportunity for SKYTRAC to participate in the discussion regarding the safety of offshore operations. As a company that enables robust safety capabilities for offshore operators, we are excited to share our expertise and solutions with those in attendance.  

Will we see you there? 

Are you interested in joining the 110 organizations HeliOffshore works with to create safer offshore aviation operations? If so, you can become a member of HeliOffshore by visiting Membership — HeliOffshore. If you are already a member of HeliOffshore, with plans to attend their annual conference and would like to connect with our sales team, please get in touch with 

Our team looks forward to connecting with you in Killarney, Ireland, from May 5th to 6th. 

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