Costa do Sol Taxi Aero selects SKYTRAC Real-Time Flight Data Monitoring for S-76 Fleet

Costa do Sol Táxi Aéreo, a Rio de Janeiro based helicopter operator serving Brazil’s offshore and onshore oil and gas industry, has selected SKYTRAC flight data monitoring with real-time exceedance alerts for their S-76 fleet.

“Costa do Sol is committed to meeting and exceeding industry safety standards. SKYTRAC provides a full service solution with real-time notifications for critical events and comprehensive post-flight data analysis. Our operations will benefit from being able to identify emerging issues faster and with greater accuracy,” said Costa do Sol CFO Alessandro Camelo Neri.

SKYTRAC real-time data management is designed to help operators improve safety and maintenance event response times by notifying key contacts of critical in-flight incidents. The timely identification of maintenance events allows operators to prepare in advance of aircraft arrival and reduce Aircraft on Ground (AOG) times. In-flight safety alerts allow ground crew to proceed with defined emergency procedures as soon as a critical deviation from standard operating procedures is detected.

SKYTRAC real-time FDM clients also benefit from comprehensive post-flight FDM data analysis and optional automated in-flight and post-flight FDM file downloads.

flight data monitoring on Costa do Sol
Costa do Sol Táxi Aéreo S-76


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