AMTC 2016: Flight Data Management at an Aeromedical Operator

NOTE: Rescheduled to December 15 at 1:30 in Charlotte Convention Center room 203A with speaker, Brian Mahoney.

Join SKYTRAC’s Stuart Lau at AMTC 2016 for a case review of Flight Data Monitoring at an aeromedical operator. Co-presented with SevenBar Aviation as part of the AMTC Aviation Safety Educational Stream, this session looks at the evolution of FDM in the aeromedical community and modern program design for improved operational safety and efficiency.

Session Abstract

Seven years ago, as part of an IHST project, a team was created to implement a FDM solution at a small hospital-based program. The solution gained recognition as the first FAA-approved FDM/FOQA program at a dedicated aeromedical operator. Now, this same team has applied many of these same lessons learned to implement FDM at another aeromedical operation with a mixed fleet of helicopters, turboprops and jets. Leveraging advanced technologies and a comprehensive services program the operator is able to provide a higher level of safety assurance to its customers. In addition, the operator uses data collection and advanced communications to aid its ops center and improve operational efficiencies across all fleet types.

Session Details

September 28, 2016
1:30pm EST
Charlotte Convention Centre, RM 203A
Charlotte, North Carolina